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What is clear aligner therapy?

One of the latest and most exciting advances for patients with malocclusion (bad bite and/or crooked teeth) is clear aligner therapy. These are braces that are removable and practically invisible. It is actually a series of clear aligners that you wear like an athlete wears a mouthpiece. As the treatment progresses, your teeth gradually move to fit the aligner, and then you start wearing the next aligner. Our dentists here at South High Dental will design the treatment program so that by the time you are finished wearing the last aligner in the series, your teeth will have adjusted to the proper position.

Clear Aligner Therapy

Who is a good candidate for Clear Aligner Therapy?

Once your permanent teeth are in, usually between the ages of twelve and fourteen, you are a candidate for clear aligner therapy. While teens love how invisible their orthodontic treatment can be, clear aligner therapy is especially popular with adults. Now it is not too late for people to address crooked teeth and bad-bite issues later in life. Before clear aligner therapy, some adults thought they were “too old” to have metal braces on their mouth. Ask one of our dentists here at South High Dental whether your dental problems can be treated with clear aligner therapy.

What are the advantages of Clear Aligner Therapy?

  • Clear aligner therapy can treat many orthodontic problems
  • It is clear and practically invisible – nobody has to know you are straightening your teeth
  • You can remove it to brush and floss your teeth as normal
  • You can remove it to eat and drink what you want – just put it back in when you are done
  • It is very comfortable. There are no wires or brackets and no adjustments

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With years of experience fitting our patients for clear aligners, our team at South High Dental uses the latest in advance dentistry so you can get the smile you want and need. Call us at 610-922-8952 or contact us to make an appointment for a consultation for clear aligners today. At South High Dental in Columbus, OH we are happy to provide our dental services to our neighboring communities including Obetz, Grove City, Groveport, South-South High St., Ashville, Circleville, and surrounding areas in Ohio. We offer flexible hours and most insurances covers our treatments such as:

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